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Hi, I'm Gil Schrock, owner of Hawkeye Construction & Design. Since 1991, we've have been building high-quality custom homes, remodels, restaurants and commercial buildings for discerning clientele. We have completed more than 75 projects of these types. We are thrilled about bringing our personalized approach and truly building a relationship with our clients that last a lifetime.

With an unparalleled eye for detail, Gil and his dedicated team painstakingly work in concert with you as the owner, architects, designers and the entire construction team, to help make your dreams a reality. We’re confident that everyone who chooses Hawkeye Construction for their project, whether big or small, will cherish the end result for years to come. If you’ve struggled to find a contractor you can trust, look no further. We'd love to discuss your project and help bring it to life flawlessly.

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Owners Rep, Serving My Clientele

I am uniquely qualified to serve you as an Owner's Rep / Project Manager, to oversee and coordinate with the General Contractor. Due to my having successfully completed a wide array of projects, of varying degrees of difficulty, and deftly working with ALL types of clients in all types of conditions, I possess a very wide “rear view mirror” of experience while always looking to the future.

Construction Services

Estimates & Value Engineering

We can prepare preliminary estimates for your construction before final planning is complete. This will help determine if your budget is realistic for your project. This is quite helpful, as any plan revisions and costs savings ideas can be worked out before final drawings and engineering are complete and can save considerable time and money.

Pre-Construction Planning

This lays out a schedule and assists greatly in the overall coordination, from ordering materials to working out various logistics so that the project can move forward smoothly.


At last, ground breaking and work on the site begins! Following a carefully laid out schedule, we, piece by piece, bring your dreams into full reality. We here at Hawkeye are totally willing to work with the owner's Architects and or Engineers should these have already been chosen and under contract.


We will not take on a project that cannot financially support a full time Supervisor if warranted. The reasons for this are too numerous to mention, not the least of which is someone whose sole responsibility is to get your project to full completion on time and on budget as amended by any applicable change orders.

Final Close-out

This is basically a documentation exercise, putting together all of the Valuable Documents that are turned over to the owner for his use. It would include lists of Subcontractors with contact data, permit sign-offs, warranties as applicable from either the contractor or manufacturer and pertinent data concerning the project such as paint colors, tile choices, appliance data etc. This is quite valuable especially when turning over a home or business to a new owner.

Drafting & Engineering Services

AutoCad Drafting

We are capable of working out the design with the Owner's visions as well as drafting these into a blueprint format for revisions and approval.

Structural Engineering

We will work with our Structural Engineer to get your plans ready for plan check.

Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC

We will work with the owners for planning of these 3 areas, including coordinating them with our plans. If an Engineer is required for any of these we have them available.

Title 24 Energy Calcs & Engineering

This will be done and coordinated for plans.

Plan Check & Permit Process

The Architect hired will get you through hearings for variances, plan check, including Health Dept if required due to Septic Conditions or for Restaurants as applicable. All plan-check corrections as determined by the Planning Dept and or Building Dept will be completed so the Building Permit can be obtained.

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We would love to hear from you about any project you have in mind. From ground up construction to remodels to owner repping, Hawkeye Construction & Design does it all.